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Group Visits to Anniston Museum of Natural History

Discounted group rates are available for pre-scheduled tours, for groups of 10 or more.

To receive a group rate, pre-book your tour at least two weeks in advance for a self-guided and three weeks in advance for a guided tour.

Payment will be made upon arrival and must be paid in one payment (one transaction). Cash, check (with ID), VISA and MasterCard are accepted. Please note: Any adults and children accompanying the group, but who pay individually at the front desk, (anyone whose payment is not included already in the group leader's single payment, made at time of check-in) will be asked to pay regular full price admission. There are no exceptions.

PLEASE NOTE: Groups must provide payment or an official Purchase Order with name, address and phone number of business or school at time of check-in. Unfortunately, the Museum will not be able to provide admission to groups without a payment or Purchase Order.  

To the right, you  will find the guidelines for touring. It is important that you read them carefully and contact the Museum’s Education Department if you have further questions.
Click headings below for details of specific tour options and other info:
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Guidelines For Touring

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Specialty Tour Options
  Touch Trek Tour: (PK-2nd Grade and Special Needs groups)    Available: Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Large groups are divided into 30 students or less and rotate every 30 minutes into the discovery room. Group rate: $5/person includes program and self-guided tour.

Students can explore their world in the children’s discovery room and through hands-on activities provided in an educational kit for a teacher-led tour of other major exhibits. Nature Space, the hands-on discovery room, encourages exploration and appreciation of natural history through interactive stations including microscopes, an earthquake machine, and a cave. An Educational Specialist will provide a thirty minute program that reinforces curriculum connections for each grade level. Curriculum Connections: Kindergarten: Senses; First Grade: Habitats in Your Backyard; Second Grade: Design for Life.

Discovery Tour (grades 4th-12th): For small groups of 15 or less/30 minutes in Collections with a maximum of three groups or 45 visitors total. Time: determined by group size- up to 11/2 hours. Group rate: $6/person; includes Museum admission for a self-guided tour. Visitors will discover a rarely seen area of the Museum in this ‘behind the scenes’ tour with the Collections Department. Visitors will learn about the care and curation of exhibits in a Natural History Museum. Afterwards visitors can explore the seven permanent exhibit halls at their leisure.

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Live Animal Presentations

Add a 45 minute live animal presentation for your group. $100 per group, per presentation. Limit 180 people per presentation. Choose from these exciting topics which can be presented to most grade levels.


  • Wild Alabama – Learn about the awesome diversity of animals that are native to Alabama the beautiful!
    Program Animals: Eastern Indigo Snake, American Alligator, Eastern Screech Owl, American Bullfrog, Gopher Tortoise
  • Reptiles Alive! – Call them slimy, scaly, or cold-blooded but these animals have been a part of our world for millions of years and still have a few things up their sleeves! Learn what makes these reptiles so unique and important to the world we live in!
    Program Animals: German Giant Bearded Dragon, Florida Kingsnake, Gopher Tortoise, Eastern Indigo Snake, American Alligator
  • Things that Go Bump in the Night: Nocturnal AnimalsWhoooo’s afraid of the dark? Learn about the habitats and adaptations of animals that only come out at night.
    Program Animals: Leopard Gecko, American Bullfrog, African Pygmy Hedgehog, Chinchilla, Virginia Opossum, Eastern Screech Owl
  • Spots and Stripes: More than a Fashion Show - Explore the world of animals with amazing adaptation and survival skills.
    Program Animals: Chinchilla, African Pygmy Hedgehog, Gray Rat Snake, Pueblan Milksnake, Eastern Screech Owl, American Alligator
  • Oh the Places You Will Go: Animals from Around the World - Travel the world and visit with animals from six continents! Learn about a variety of unusual and exotic animals and discover where “Home Sweet Home” is for them!
    Program Animals: Eastern Screech Owl, Red-Footed Tortoise, African Pygmy Hedgehog, Leopard Gecko, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, German Giant Bearded Dragon

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Tips for Touring

Unloading/Parking: Parking space is very limited: travel in as few vehicles as possible. Buses may unload students at the Museum entrance, then park across the street. Buses must maneuver a "U" shaped turn when exiting the Museum. Bus drivers are admitted free.

Picnic areas: Picnic area is first-come first-serve basis. There are 13 picnic tables on the Museum grounds. There are also covered picnic sites in Lagarde park, just beyond the Museum. To reserve Lagarde Park picnic facilities and picnic-area restrooms, you may call Anniston Parks and Recreation Department at 256-236-8221. On-site food facilities are not available, however many restaurants are in close proximity to the Museum; some cater to school groups.

Food, beverages (including baby bottles), chewing gum, and tobacco are not allowed in the exhibit halls. These encourage insects which can cause extensive damage to animal mounts.

We require that all students Pk-12th grade remain with an adult at all times.  We ask that there be one adult per 10 students while touring.  Students should be instructed that at no time are they allowed to climb on or into Museum Exhibits.

Photography: Personal photography is allowed throughout the Museum. 

Accessibility: Museum exhibit halls and Museum Store are fully handicap accessible. Two wheel chairs are available for our guests. Seating is provided throughout the exhibits.

Museum Store: No visit is complete without a visit to the Museum Store. Ready-made souvenir gift bags are available upon request. Request more information when scheduling your visit.

Outdoor Exploration: Get the most from your visit with some outdoor exploration! Enjoy the Museum’s Gardens & Nature Trails.

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