Conservation First

Rainwater Harvesting
and Recycling project

funded by Legacy, Inc. 

Partners in Environment Education

Anniston Museum’s Rainwater Harvesting and Recycling project, made possible through a grant from Legacy, Inc., allows the Museum to recycle rainwater into a useful irrigation system that will augment our current watering system. Until now, rainwater that pooled on the Museum’s roof was channeled down gutters to the ground. Our new system incorporates a 3 thousand gallon rain barrel, which catches rainwater shunted from the roof by specially routed gutters. Water lines will tie the collection barrel into our general water system, allowing us the option of using this captured rainwater in addition to, or even instead of, water from the city's system. This will not only save the Museum  money, but it will also help conserve a valuable natural resource for all of us.

The project will also provide a public demonstration mechanism for teaching water conservation. Special public education programs will be held to show the system, and share information on how anyone can create similar rain barrel and cistern projects on a variety of scales, both for home and business. 
Alabama Cooperative Extension Service Urban Agent Hayes Jackson is our local expert, and will lead these public programs, with assistance from Museum Staff.

Anniston Museum serves as an environmental information center for our community. Currently, a solar energy system on the Museum roof is producing electricity to augments our power needs. The Rainwater Harvesting and Recycling project complements the solar project as an environmentally sound conservation system, and will inspire our community to be more attuned to ecology and preservation of our natural resources.   

Funded by Legacy, Inc.  Partners in Environment Education 


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