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Let The Sun Shine In:
2011 Solar Initiative Update

After months of preparation, Anniston Museum has completed installation of a photovoltaic system, made possible by an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block (EECBG) Grant funded to the City of Anniston. The Museum is proud to be the location selected by the City to host the first solar energy system! The next phase includes exciting new enhancements to the Museum’s Dynamic Earth exhibit hall, which will include an interactive solar energy exhibit. Not only will visitors learn more about the sun’s ability to produce energy, Dynamic Earth exhibit lighting will be generated by the photovoltaic system.


A bird's eye view from above the Museum shows the complete solar array

Close-up view from the roof shows the individual panels
-Jay Jenkins

We are grateful for the work of Architect Jay Jenkins, Acker Electric Co., Alabama Roofing and City Staff for making the project possible. The EECBG Program, funded for the first time by the Recovery Act, is a major investment in energy solutions that will strengthen America’s economy, create jobs locally, and support the immediate use of the cheapest, cleanest, and most reliable energy technologies we have—energy efficiency and conservation. Learn more about the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program at: www.eere.energy.gov/wip/eecbg.html. 



Fun WithThe Sun!   
July 2011      
Print off the educational instruction sheets below, and explore some simple and fun solar energy activities you can do with your family.

The Power of the Sun Activity Sheet
Word Doc                                            Adobe PDF

Make Your Own Sun Dial
Word Doc                                            Adobe PDF

download a free copy of Adobe Reader at http://get.adobe.com/reader/
Simple Solar Energy Solutions
from Anniston Museum 
June 2011

Try Some Summer Sun Tea!

As the mercury nears 100°F on these hot summer days, harness the power of the sun to make tea without heating up your kitchen! Combine tea, water and sunshine.




     In a glass jar, add 4 to 6 teabags (depending on your taste)
     to 2 quarts of water.

     Cover, and place in a sunny spot until the tea reaches the
     strength you desire, but not more than five hours.

     Remove tea bags and chill immediately.

     The tea will have a mellow taste – slow seeping brings out
     a different flavor from the tea.

     Garnish with sprigs of fresh mint or lemon slices. And
     of course, for the southern favorite, add sugar to sweeten.

ADECA “Powers Up”
the Museum  March 2010

The City of Anniston recently received notification that the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) has awarded the city a grant in the amount of $250,000. The grant was made through ADECA’s Energy Division, through the U.S. Department of Energy, and will fund the installation of a new, highly efficient and clean photovoltaic (solar) power system at Anniston Museum of Natural History. This solar panel system will not only save energy costs for the Museum and for the City of Anniston, but will position Anniston Museum as a community leader in clean energy technology.

Competition for these Department of Energy funds was high, however Anniston’s proposal set itself apart from the rest, as ultimately, the Museum would be able to function as an informational resource on solar energy for the community and the entire region.

Already a leader in environmental education, the Museum will incorporate the new solar technology into educational programming, promoting energy-saving measures and describing other clean forms of alternative energy. Once the system is in place, the Museum will be able to present information on how the photovoltaic system operates, and how this technology can be adapted for homes and businesses. Plans also include periodic hands-on workshops appropriate for families, where participants will create an environ-mental or energy-saving device to promote integration of alternative energy sources and energy conservation into a home, a garden and a lifestyle.

The City of Anniston and Anniston Museum of Natural History are very pleased to have been selected for this award, and are looking forward to even more opportunities to grow and flourish in the twenty-first century.
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