Live Animal Presentations

Add a 45 minute live animal presentation for your group. $100 per group, per presentation. Limit 180 people per presentation. Choose from these exciting topics which can be presented to most grade levels.

  • Wild Alabama – Learn about the awesome diversity of animals that are native to Alabama the beautiful!
    Program Animals: Eastern Indigo Snake, American Alligator, Eastern Screech Owl, American Bullfrog, Gopher Tortoise
  • Reptiles Alive! – Call them slimy, scaly, or cold-blooded but these animals have been a part of our world for millions of years and still have a few things up their sleeves! Learn what makes these reptiles so unique and important to the world we live in!
    Program Animals: German Giant Bearded Dragon, Florida Kingsnake, Gopher Tortoise, Eastern Indigo Snake, American Alligator
  • Things that Go Bump in the Night: Nocturnal Animals - Whoooo’s afraid of the dark? Learn about the habitats and adaptations of animals that only come out at night.
    Program Animals: Leopard Gecko, American Bullfrog, African Pygmy Hedgehog, Chinchilla, Virginia Opossum, Eastern Screech Owl
  • Spots and Stripes: More than a Fashion Show - Explore the world of animals with amazing adaptation and survival skills.
    Program Animals: Chinchilla, African Pygmy Hedgehog, Gray Rat Snake, Pueblan Milksnake, Eastern Screech Owl, American Alligator
  • Oh the Places You Will Go: Animals from Around the World - Travel the world and visit with animals from six continents! Learn about a variety of unusual and exotic animals and discover where “Home Sweet Home” is for them!
    Program Animals: Eastern Screech Owl, Red-Footed Tortoise, African Pygmy Hedgehog, Leopard Gecko, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, German Giant Bearded Dragon

Call 256-237-6766 for more information or to schedule a live animal program.

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