Live Salty 2016

Anniston Star sneak peek pictures!

Live Salty, our latest changing exhibit will open to the public on Friday, July 15th! Information below: 

Dive into Anniston Museum of Natural History’s salty collection of sea shells, corals, and more. The exhibition, Live Salty: From Shore to Ocean Floor, will transform the rotating exhibit gallery into an underwater exploration. The species on display have been collected along shorelines and coasts all over the world, others retrieved from diving sites that are now closed. Be prepared to face your fears with a 10-foot Great Hammerhead Shark dangling above you and, alongside him, the most dangerous shark in our oceans, the Bull Shark. Be mesmerized by the shimmering live saltwater reef aquarium and wowed by the beauty and rarity of the sea shell collection. Become inspired to recycle and care for, not only the plants and animals living in these large bodies of water, but for us, as well - all while learning what makes each ocean so unique and salty.

Pictures from our Exclusive Sneak Peek Membership Party, July 14, 2016: 
Click here for more pictures. 

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