It's Not Just A Class Trip, It's An Adventure!

There is a place 
not far away 
where you can take your class 
an amazing journey

Travel across the world and back through time in two incredible Museums! Experience the wonders of the natural world and the mysteries of the past in our awe-inspiring Exhibit Halls! 

It’s learning, come to life!

In Anniston Museum of Natural History's seven permanent Exhibit Halls, you’ll make your way from the time of the dinosaurs to the time of the Pharaohs, and travel from the hot sands of the Gulf Coast to the frozen tundra of the Arctic–all in one day!

Next door, in Berman Museum's four permanent Exhibit Halls, introduce your class to history’s heroes and villains, ride west with cowboys and settlers, then sail east to the exotic orient–all without a passport! 

Do a tour of one or both Museums!

For more information on group tours and exciting specialty live animal programming for your class visit our section on tours at, and be sure to like us on Facebook.

E-mail or call
256-237-6766 x 302 to book your group's tour!

Learn more about Berman Museum at
Group rates 
for 10 or more paying visitors. (Must pre-schedule and make one payment for group.)
$4/student/adult /senior citizen      Unguided tour,  Anniston or Berman
$8/student/adult/senior citizen    Unguided *Passport Tour/Both Museums
$7/student/adult/senior citizen Guided tour Anniston or Berman
(30 or less visitors)
$14/student/adult/senior citizen      Guided *Passport tour/Both Museums (30 or less visitors)
$6/student/adult/senior citizen    Behind the Scenes and unguided tour of Museum    Berman or Anniston
$12/student/adult/senior citizen        Behind the Scenes *Passport tour and unguided tour/Both Museums 
Bus Drivers and school teachers admitted free with school tours

Homeschool groups – one free adult/20 paid students

General Group tours – one free adult/20 paid visitors

*Passport tour indicates that both Museums are included
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